Latest Releases

Established in 2010, Gabrieli now records for Paul McCreesh’s own record label, Winged Lion. In just five years we have released seven incredibly varied recordings – large-scale oratorio, intimate a cappella programmes and a re-recording of one of our earliest successes. We are enormously grateful to our friends, collaborators and artistic partners in the City of Wroclaw and at National Forum of Music, Wroclaw for their ongoing collaboration and support of the largest of these recordings, under the Wratislavia Cantans Oratorio Series. With three exciting and critically acclaimed recordings already released in this series, we look forward with great anticipation to our collaboration in summer 2016, to record Haydn’s The Seasons.

Please click on the CD covers below to learn more about each recording, including audio clips, cast lists, reviews and details of how to purchase our CDs.