In Their Own Words

Gabrieli’s education work – first as the Gabrieli Young Singers Scheme, and now under the Gabrieli Roar banner – has received consistently outstanding feedback from participants, choral directors we aim to support and our own professional musicians. You can read a selection of their comments across nearly ten years of projects below.


“Having the opportunity to sing with Gabrieli professionals genuinely helped me to improve my singing, and I found the insight into professional rehearsing and recording thrilling … it has honestly been one of the best things I have ever been involved with!”

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Partner Choir Directors' Testimonials

“It’s often very difficult to strike a balance between challenging the pupils and engaging them. One of the great things about the weekend was that it challenged them, required them to concentrate and work hard but also provided them with such a superb experience of first class music that no one could fail to be engaged by it…”

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Professional Musicians' Testimonials

“The enthusiasm from these choirs is just wonderful – not just the enthusiasm but the way that they sing, the energy they have and their sheer willingness to do what is necessary. They make a gloriously unified sound that is just so healthy – it’s gorgeous to listen to!”

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