Gabrieli Roar

“Our work has proved that the higher one sets the bar, the higher young people jump; the barrier between young and old, professional and amateur is indeed a largely artificial one.” PAUL MCCREESH

Gabrieli Roar is a unique and exciting partnership between Gabrieli and a network of diverse British youth choirs. Taking a bold stance on the ability of young singers, we challenge them to perform side-by-side with our professional musicians and immerse them in the renowned energy of Gabrieli’s performances and recordings.

Led by Artistic Director Paul McCreesh, Gabrieli Roar provides support and encouragement for youth choirs aspiring to achieve more, particularly in areas of low cultural provision. We help young singers to excel, develop their confidence in their own abilities and nurture a love of choral music. Gabrieli Roar is uncompromising in its commitment to enriching people’s lives through music.

Join Gabrieli Roar

We welcome expressions of interest from youth choirs, school choirs, or indeed any kind of choir where young people’s enthusiasm and commitment to singing great choral repertoire are celebrated! If you think your choir has what it takes to be involved in this fun but demanding programme, please contact:

Anna Winstone                            Freya Parry
Director of Roar                          Roar Manager