Verdi Requiem, July 2024

We are so excited to launch our summer residential project for 2024: Verdi Requiem!

The course dates for this project are 19th – 24th July 2024. The residential will run in a similar format to our ‘Angels and Devils’ project, where we expanded the range of activity on offer and extended the course by a day. As well as learning and performing Verdi’s Requiem, we will also concentrate on musicianship sessions and vocal masterclasses and learn a few a cappella pieces, in various musical styles, to introduce our young singers to a wider range of choral music.

Our Roar Chorus Directors, Charles MacDougall and Emily Dickens, will lead the course alongside our Artistic Director, Paul McCreesh, and an expanded group of Gabrieli singers and coaches – a Roar Vocal Faculty – who will be on hand throughout the course.

This course is designed for young people aged 14-18 years, although younger singers with some choral experience, especially when part of pre-formed choirs, are also welcome. The capacity to sing in parts with reasonable confidence is a requirement for Roar, but as always, we support singers to develop their skills rapidly, to enable them to perform challenging works in a short period of time. We do ask choir directors to prepare the choirs at least with some basic note familiarity before we meet, although with less-experienced choirs, we would be more than happy to support this process and can sometimes send coaches to your rehearsals in advance.

Verdi Requiem Residential Course Details:
Dates: 19 July 2024 – 24 July 2024
Accommodation: Gresham’s School, Norfolk
Performance Venue: Ely Cathedral
Participants: 250 young singers from youth and school choirs around the country
Cost to participate: A minimum contribution of £275 per person with partial and full bursaries available to those in need of financial assistance.

The cost of a full place to Gabrieli Roar on our summer residential course is in excess of £1000 per young person. If you can help with the whole or contribute towards the true cost of the place, we would be most grateful. We fundraise all year round to provide bursaries for those who need it and to keep the price as low as we can. If you can help with the full cost, you will be relieving the pressure on families who will find even the minimum contribution a real struggle.  Thank you.

Any gift over and above the full cost of place is eligible for gift aid.


If you have any questions about this project, please get in touch with us:

Freya Parry                                       Anna Winstone
Roar Manager                                 Director of Roar