Forthcoming Events

Gabrieli Roar: Praetorius 'A Christmas Spectacular'

Westminster Cathedral

10 January 2023

After the success of our 2021/22 ‘Re-Creation’ project, which saw almost 700 young singers perform Haydn’s Creation in five regional cathedrals, Gabrieli Roar presents “A Christmas Spectacular”, continuing to re-energise youth and school choirs following the global pandemic.

Praetorius’ music is surely some of the most exciting and flamboyant music of the early baroque. Gabrieli Roar young singers will be joined by more than a dozen of our professional consort musicians, as well as almost every conceivable type of late renaissance instrument – cornets, sackbuts, strings, dulcians, rackets, shawms, trumpets and all manner of keyboard instruments.

The concert promises the sumptuous sounds and colours of the renaissance, alongside an inspirational and uplifting evening with young people placed centre stage.