Past Events

An English Coronation, All Saints', Northampton

All Saints', Northampton

19 June 2019, 7.00pm

The four coronations of the 20th century were enormous and extravagant. Replete with festive pageantry, these ceremonies were joyful celebrations of British music, employing tremendous forces. Choirs from across London and beyond were marshalled to provide a chorus of over 400 voices; a full-size symphony orchestra was squeezed into Westminster Abbey, whilst fanfare trumpets and drums heralded the celebrations.

As we continue to celebrate the release of a new recording recreating these vast musical forces, Paul McCreesh, Gabrieli and young singers from Gabrieli Roar partners the David Ross Education Trust Youth Choir and Tiffin Boys’ Choir bring the history, ceremony and liturgy of these four extraordinary coronations to life in a programme for choir, organ and brass ensemble.