Calling all violinists! Auditions announced for 11 Nov 2019

Gabrieli are pleased to announce tutti violin auditions on 11 Nov 2019, with a second round to be held on 12 Nov 2019, both in central London.

Interested players are invited to submit a basic CV to by 5.00pm on Mon 28 Oct 2019. Successful applicants will be advised of their audition time by 5.00pm on Weds 6 Nov 2019. NB space is limited, and we may not be able to acknowledge all applications.

Please be prepared to play two short pieces or movements from the Baroque period. If you are comfortable with ‘French’ bow-hold (thumb under), we would like you to use this in one piece, but this is not a requirement for the audition.

We expect you to have a violin in Baroque set-up, with Baroque neck and fittings and a historical stringing. An accompanist (harpsichord at A=415Hz) will be provided.