Gabrieli Forum

Our Most Loyal Supporters

The Gabrieli Forum is an exclusive inner circle of individuals who support Gabrieli’s world-class performances and recordings with generous donations.

Gabrieli could not exist without support from individual donors. Members of the Gabrieli Forum are the supporters most closely involved with the ensemble who ensure a future for our outstanding musical performances. Gabrieli Forum members receive, amongst other benefits, invitations to special events in intimate and unique surroundings and opportunities to engage with Paul McCreesh and Gabrieli musicians in the company of like-minded individuals.

For example, Forum members that choose to support recording projects are given the opportunity to attend recording sessions, visit the production room for an insight into the technical aspects of record production and to see the producer and engineer at work, receive initial edits of the recording, have the opportunity to buy copies at “cost-price” as gifts and are acknowledged in the CD booklet.

Likewise, Forum members that choose to support Gabrieli Roar are invited to meet the partner choir directors and the young musicians themselves, build a relationship with the choir most local to them, and attend the training rehearsals and masterclasses that we run for young singers.

Gabrieli Forum members make a minimal annual payment of £5,000 for a three year minimum period; a commitment that allows us to realise long-term plans and increase the scope of our work. Members are invited to earmark their donation for specific projects, around which Gabrieli will offer an individually tailored programme of benefits for each donor. We encourage Forum members to be actively involved in Gabrieli’s activities and welcome them to participate in discussions about the ensemble’s artistic programme, fundraising and profile.

£1,000 of your donation is treated as membership of the Forum; the remainder of the payment is treated as a donation and is eligible for UK Gift Aid Relief.

If you would like to discuss supporting Gabrieli in more detail, please contact:

Anna Winstone
Development Manager
+44 (0)20 7613 4530