Haylock Circle

Haylock Circle £2,000 and above per annum or from £166 per month

Named in memory of Ron Haylock – a beloved Gabrieli supporter and former Chairman – the Haylock Circle is an exclusive group of major donors who take an ownership stake in Gabrieli’s world-class performances and recordings. Members of the Haylock Circle sponsor our principal musicians and support specific projects such as recordings on Winged Lion, our national and international touring programme, and our innovative choral training scheme, Gabrieli Roar. In recognition of this support, we offer an individually tailored set of benefits including (but not limited to):

  • Invitations to private musical evenings and events in intimate and unique surroundings
  • Personal meetings with Paul McCreesh to discuss future Gabrieli projects and plans
  • Opportunities to develop personal relationships beyond the concert platform with Gabrieli’s acclaimed principal musicians
  • The chance to go ‘on tour’ with Gabrieli, with an international ticketing service and bespoke practical travel advice – join us in the world’s great concert halls, and stick around after for post-concert drinks with Paul McCreesh and the rest of the team


For more information, or to set up a monthly standing order, contact Anna Winstone (Development Manager) on 020 7613 4530 or via anna@nullgabrieli.com.