Praetorius Lutheran Mass for Christmas Morning

Praetorius Lutheran Mass for Christmas Morning

Recording also features:

Schein Sonata: Padouana a 5 – Banchetto musicale

Scheidt Organ prelude: Wie schön leuchtet der Morgenstern

Gabrieli Consort & Players

Boys’ Choir and Congregational Choir of Roskilde Cathedral

Paul McCreesh (conductor)

Paul McCreesh and the Gabrieli Consort & Players reconstruct a Lutheran Christmas service as it might have been heard in the early 17th century. Although it features the work of Samuel Scheidt and Johann Hermann Schein, the disc focusses on Praetorius (born Michael Schulze), the most prolific creator of much of the Lutheran church music heard in Northern Germany at the time.

Excerpt: “In Dulci Jubilo”

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“Most seasonal CDs probably end up as coasters or gathering dust on a shelf somewhere but this is one festive disc that can be played all year round… What Paul McCreesh has achieved here is remarkable… the result is nothing short of revelatory… A refreshing antidote to all those unimaginative festive compilations, this beautifully presented disc demands your attention this Christmas.”MusicWeb International

“A grandiose reconstruction… ranging from small preludes to monumental pieces.”Fono Forum

DG Archiv

0289 439 9312 8 CD AH

September 1994