Music for the Duke of Lerma

Music for the Duke of Lerma

Cabezón | Gaudi | Gombert | Guerrero | Lobo | Rogier |

Romero | Urreda | Victoria

Gabrieli Consort & Players

Paul McCreesh (conductor)

Presenting First Vespers and the Salve Service as it might been celebrated in October 1617 in the presence of King Philip III and the Duke of Lerma, Paul McCreesh and the Gabrieli Consort & Players bring these early 17th century works to glowing life, the rising and falling cadences of voices mingling with the counterpoint of the magnificent organ of the Cathedral in Lerma.

Excerpt: Gombert “Mon Seul”

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“Both the voices… and the instrumentalists… combine clarity, style and expression. The controversial duke of Lerma used these religious festivities to welcome King Philip III to his own city. Here they have been brought back to life by McCreesh and an outstanding group in an exemplary fashion and will become one of the landmark performances of this repertory, as his recordings of the Requiems by Victoria and Morales already are… for their beauty.”Goldberg (Pamplona)

“Top of my own Christmas list is the Music for the Duke of Lerma, with Paul McCreesh once again showing his ability to find the most fascinating music, make it sound absolutely gorgeous, and present it in an irresistible package.”Gramophone

“It is a lavish affair, a mixture of instrumental and choral music, with a large orchestra, two organs and four choirs. There are settings by Cabezon, Guerrero, Victoria and Lobo; stately, impressive, and beautifully presented.”Guardian

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May 2002