Haydn The Creation

Haydn The Creation

Sandrine Piau (soprano), Mark Padmore (tenor)

Neal Davies (bass), Miah Persson (soprano)

Chetham’s Chamber Choir

Gabrieli Consort & Players

Paul McCreesh (conductor)

Paul McCreesh and his Gabrieli Consort turn their attention to Haydn’s greatest work: The Creation. McCreesh has revised large parts of the text of the English-language version, also rewriting the recitatives “as Haydn might have done had he been more familiar with the English language”. Not only is this the world premiere recording of this newly revised version, it is also the first release of Die Schoepfung in its equally authentic English version in the Deutsche Grammophon catalogue.

Excerpt: “In brightest splendour rises now the sun”

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“This release comprises one of the most impressive feats of engineering that I have ever encountered. From its timbral accuracy to its extraordinary dynamic range it comes closer to in-hall reality than any other recording of The Creation I’ve heard. Never has the chorus sounded so well focused, its words clearly discernible…so powerful is the sonic impact throughout the production, even a whispered piano, soft as it is, seems physically palpable… Under McCreesh the choral textures are more clearly focused, the orchestral choirs more cleanly delineated, features as much a credit to the conductor as to the engineering. Of course the performance is the prime issue… McCreesh’s pacing for this passage is considerably slower than that of other conductors. The effect is stunning, providing greater clarification of the chromatic richness and daring of the entire section.”International Record Review

“It boasts exceptional clarity and power. Sonically, it is as realistic a recording of a group this size as any I have heard, the clarity of the English in choral passages being extraordinary. For anyone seeking a period-instrument version, this well-paced, dramatic account superbly led by Paul McCreesh may prove a preferred edition.”Fanfare

DG Archiv

0289 477 7361 0 2 CDs

January 2008