Michael Abrahams

Michael Abrahams has worked for international design consultancies, Banks & Miles, Negus & Negus and Raymond Loewy International. In 1996, he established Abrahams, a design consultancy that spent a third of their time on commercial projects, a third on charitable work and self-directed research and a third curating events. The studio specialise in the strategic and tactical aspects of branding with an emphasis on creative thinking to help businesses and organisations innovate. Clients have included Ferrari F1, Alpha Bank in Greece, Marriott hotels, Wentworth Club and Cadogan Hall.

From 2005-2014 Mike established and curated Designer Breakfasts, a monthly forum for owners and principals of small design businesses focusing on the themes of entrepreneurship, working with SMEs and new business models. He also co-curates ‘at abrahams’ – an occasional  series of events bringing people from business, the arts and science together, co-hosted with the likes of Arup, Nokia and the V&A. For the last two years he has been a judge for the Koestler Awards which focuses on art by offenders and detainees.

Abrahams have been working with Gabrieli since 1999, when we were neighbours in Shoreditch Town Hall, and have continued to support their activities to date. Mike is the artistic brain behind the beautiful design of Gabrieli’s Winged Lion CD packaging, as well as much of our publicity materials and concert programmes during the last 15 years.