Partner Choir Directors' Testimonials

Young people have an insatiable appetite for innovation and for the pursuit of new musical experiences; such ventures are key to the education of our young people, as they learn to be open-minded, free from prejudice and nourished by the inspirational possibilities of friendship.
Greg Beardsell – Director, Ulster Youth Choir

In an educational and funding climate where so many institutions – be they cathedrals, orchestras or choirs – take the easy route of providing short-term project work, Gabrieli Roar stands out as a programme with clear aims, and, most importantly, the musical and cultural development of its young singers at its heart. The opportunity to work with their coaches on a regular basis, and collaborate repeatedly with the other member choirs helps build the relationships that allow young musicians to perform with freedom and confidence. It supports our work in aspiring to excellence and broadening horizons.
Thomas Leech – Director, Bradford Catholic Youth Choir

I am totally in favour of giving young people the ‘big oratorio’ treatment. They love to be involved in such projects and realise, often for the first time, the power of music; it is not just the stature of these great works, but also that the musical experience is about community and team work. For me, the choir is a microcosm of how I think society ought to work – men and women working together on a common cause, each giving their own special talent to the whole event and getting caught up in the power of the experience … My experience is that for many young people these projects can be life-changing.
John Forsyth – Director, North East Youth Chorale

It’s often very difficult to strike a balance between challenging the pupils and engaging them. One of the great things about the weekend was that it challenged them, required them to concentrate and work hard but also provided them with such a superb experience of first class music that no one could fail to be engaged by it … I really appreciate how Paul was both musically demanding but gentle with the students … In terms of the long-term impact of the project it has massively raised the game of my school choir … It’s good for me to be reminded about what happens when you push through the resistance and take music to another level, students love realizing what they can achieve.
Edward Watkins – Director, Inner Voices & West London Free School Choir

Every year when new members come in, they are immediately impressed, and pick up straight away the ethos of our choir, the speed of our rehearsals and the choral discipline. The 40+ who had been in Elijah set a scene, where the momentum, the listening and the sheer level of receptiveness were almost tangible. No new member can have had any doubt about the standards that our choir wants to achieve…
Gillian Dibden – Director, Taplow Youth Choir