Forthcoming Events

St Matthew Passion, Leipzig

Thomaskirche, Leipzig

09 September 2017

We’re delighted to announce that Gabrieli will be featured as part of Martin Randall Travel’s forthcoming Johann Sebastian Bach Journey. This bespoke tour will travel to Eisenach, Weimar and Leipzig (amongst others) where music by the great Baroque master will be performed in the spaces for which it was originally written.

A highlight of the series, Gabrieli will perform the St Matthew Passion in the Thomaskirche, Leipzig with forces Bach himself would have recognised. Nicholas Mulroy (Evangelist), and Benjamin Appl (Christus) will be joined by Rowan Pierce (soprano), Tim Mead (alto), Sophie Junker (soprano), Helen Charlston (alto), Jeremy Budd (tenor) and Matthew Brook (bass) for an intimate and moving rendition of this most beloved of Bach’s choral masterpieces.