Why Gabrieli? by John Julius Norwich (patron)

Gabrieli in Venice

In the sixteenth century Venice was the most musical city on earth, and the two Gabrielis - Andrea and his nephew Giovanni - were by far the greatest of her composers. Both were organists at St Mark's, for which much of their religious music was written. So what better name could we have for our Consort and Players - particularly since one of our first important projects was 'A Venetian Coronation'?

Of course we don't confine ourselves to Andrea and Giovanni, any more than we do to Venice - the Gabrieli repertoire ranges far and wide all over the western world, from the sixteenth century to the twenty-first - but having adopted their name we are determined to be worthy of them and to measure up to their own supremely high standards. We have certainly done so in the past; and under the inspired baton of our Director, Paul McCreesh, there's no doubt that we shall continue. We want the Gabrielis to be proud of us; I hope and believe they are.

- John Julius Norwich, Patron